Tuesday, December 11, 2018

kinjal dave new photo 2018

kinjal dave new photo 2018

Music is a Sanskrit language word. Same + song, Sam means equally well and song means to sing, that is the best song to sing. Samyak type Mahakavi Kalidas, in 'Abhigyan Shakiktal', the song "Song, Vandh Nhatan Chan Trayam Musandamuchayat", the song, Vaginta and dance are all together called 'music'. Pandit has been particularly praised in music-loving music that: "Song rituals of dancing: the sadhana Pratah: Atkativihinan yatan tath musicam upheat" means the common attribute of the song, dhad and dance trio. Hence the rituals in music are inevitable. Furthermore, in the Bharatatyayogi, "Gandhir Trividha Vyadat Swarnalapadachanam!" Meaningful, selfish, talented, and literary means music. In this way the music has been defined.

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